Aviation and Filtration Fuel Handling Equipment and Services

Providing specialized aviation fuel handling equipment compromising filtration and monitoring, ground fueling, farm fuel transport and in house services.

Filtration and Monitoring

Vessels, Accessories, Cartridges, Differential Pressure Gauges, Conversions, Pressure Relief Valves, Control Valves, Quality Testing Kits, Decals and Labels, Sampling Containers and Jars

Ground Fueling

Hydrant Pit Valves, Ground Bonding Devices, Pressure Regulators, Nozzles and Couplers, Aviation Fuel Hose, Hose Reels, Deadman Controls, Cardlock Fuel Systems, Refueling Cabinets, Spill Kits, Wing Protection, Fuel Dispensers

Farm Fuel and Transport

Loading Racks, Overfill and Ground Protection, Pumps, Custody Transfer Meters, Automation Tank Gauging, Floating Suctions, Tank Vents, Control Valves, Fuel Truck Systems

Field and In-House Services

Meter Calibration and Repair, Engineering, Mearurement Canada Inspections, Fabrication, Pump Repairs, Fuel Truck Repairs, Nozzle Rebuilding and Testing, Hose Testing, B620 Inspections, Technical Support

Clean Diesel

Particulate Filtration Housings and Skids, Particulate and Water Removal Fuel Conditioning, Particulate and Water Prevention Fuel Monitoring

Oil Filtration

Transformer Dry-Out Systems, Mobile Oil Filtration, Load Tap Changer Filter Systems, Portable Filter Systems, Insulating Oil Filter Systems, Turbine Oil Coalescing