Ennis Paint – Pickering

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Ennis Paint – Pickering

Ennis Paints 2Project - upgrade a manual paint blending facility


  • Six paint mixers connected to twelve liquid feedstock tanks, six staging tanks, and four scales
  • Two preset controllers with 12 meters for delivering feedstocks to mixers
  • Complete PLC system consisting of two panels and three touch screens to control delivery of mixed paint to staging tanks and scales.
  • Automation software for inventory control and production reporting
  • Services Provided
  • Complete Design of all liquid handling systems
  • Complete Design of PLC controls
  • Liaison with Ennis Operations and IT Groups, Project Engineers, Site Electrical and Mechanical Contractors
  • Equipment specification and supply
  • System Design and Drawings
  • Terminal and Bulk Plant Automation and Software Integration
  • Site Electrical work
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning
  • On-going maintenance

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